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Mô hình OSI (Open Systems Interconnection Reference Model, viết ngắn là OSI Model hoặc OSI Reference Model) - tạm dịch là Mô hình tham chiếu kết nối các hệ thống mở - là một thiết kế dựa vào nguyên lý tầng cấp, lý giải một cách trừu tượng kỹ thuật kết nối truyền thông giữa các máy tính và thiết kế giao thức mạng Jan 15, 2021 · SSPL is already in use by the MongoDB project and provides code modification and distribution, but has not been peer-reviewed by the OSI (Open Source Initiative), license compliance Open Source. DNS OSI layer : This is a domain name system. 开放源代码促进会 osi 对 sspl 也 颇有微词 ,它认为 sspl 不是开源许可协议,虽然自称具有开源的所有优点和承诺,但事实并非如此。 "The SSPL is not an Open Source License" It’s deception, plain and simple, to claim that the software has all the benefits and promises of open source when it does not. Nov 29, 2018 · OSI, which has somehow anointed itself as the body that will “decide” whether a license is open source, has a habit of myopically debating what’s open source and what’s not. Sep 30, 2020 · Somewhat similarly, the Server Side Public License (SSPL) requires publication under the SSPL of the source code of the entire stack used to implement MongoDB as a service. Now, reading through the Jan 15, 2021 · The SSPL itself was apparently withdrawn by the originators from consideration by the OSI, so we can assume they didn’t think it would be approved as open source. Security Onion distributes binary packages, which will only Jan 25, 2008 · And that's not even considering the fact that those are not under the SSPL. MongoDB originally submitted SSPL to the OSI, but failed to get approved. With the submission of SSPL to OSI, MongoDB has put the ball in OSI’s court to either step up and help solve an industry problem, or put their heads back in the sand. Does SSPL apply to Security Onion? No, SSPL only applies if you are working directly with the dual-licensed Elastic source code and explicitly choose SSPL instead of the Elastic license. According to Mark Wheeler, a spokesman for the company, this is just part of the process. The SSPL is Not an Open Source License Submitted by administrator on Tue, 2021-01-19 10:41 We’ve seen that several companies have abandoned their original dedication to the open source community by switching their core products from an open source license, one approved by the Open Source Initiative, to a “fauxpen” source license. While AWS offering a competing DB-as-a-Service was cited as the reason, the reality is that this change was never about AWS. The idea of the SSPL differs from the Commons Clause strategy because it is based off the spirit of the AGPL. Feb 02, 2021 · The SSPL is a licensing option for the source code, as shown below: And to be clear, we are still not claiming that either SSPL or Elastic License are OSI-approved licenses. Simply put, the SSPL is not an open source license. The SaaS/DBaaS model is the fastest-growing usage model for a lot of software. He argues that there is a need for an OSI-approved license addressing the issues raised by the Commons Clause and SSPL in order to prevent proliferation of open source-ish licenses in this area. This license has broader obligations to make Complete Corresponding Source Code available to users of the software. For many years, VPNs relied on a technology known as Internet Protocol security (IPsec ) to tunnel between two endpoints. Cheers! I'm just saying that the OSI model is widely taught as a theoretical concept, but the TCP/IP stack (one of the most used stack of protocols) doesn't fit into that model unambiguously unfortunately. To hear OSI tell it, Elastic has “abandoned their original dedication to the open source community” by falling prey to the current “license du jour”, announcing the move in a post “unironically titled ‘Doubling Down on Open Dec 09, 2020 · SSL is an encryption protocol that operates on the Transport layer of the OSI model. 0 license (APLv2) and adopting the Server Side Public License When the Server Side Public License (SSPL) was submitted to the Open Source Initiative (OSI), many people criticized it, and the license was eventually withdrawn. The SSPL has been rejected by the Open Source Initiative and banned by both Debian and the Fedora Project, citing that the license's intent is to discriminate against cloud computing providers offering services based on the software without purchasing its commercial license. Jan 20, 2021 · Eliot Horowitz, MongoDB's CTO and co-founder, argued for this in the Open Source Initiative (OSI) discussion on whether the SSPL was truly an open-source license. Also, mongodb and [email protected] do not build from source on any of the 3 macOS versions, so they are also removed along with mongodb 3, 3. 0, 1. ” See full list on cloudflare. We did not design-in license compliance and we have a tremendous noncompliance problem that isn't getting better. The Commons Clause, which has no chance of being approved by OSI, was a reaction to cloud-based services making a profit from open source software without contributing much back Nov 30, 2018 · OSI, which has somehow anointed itself as the body that will “decide” whether a license is open source, has a habit of myopically debating what’s open source and what’s not. He adds that it would make little sense to keep older, unmaintained versions. However, MongoDB has announced that it has submitted the SSPL to OSI for approval. In fact, the Wikipedia page puts SSL/TLS in layer 6 (presentation), not 5 like your answer. It is recommended to run TLSv1. The SSPL has not been approved by the OSI. Feb 05, 2019 · More recently, MongoDB took a different approach to this issue by revising the AGPLv3 to create the Server Side Public License (SSPL). g. Jan 14, 2021 · MongoDB, the originators of SSPL, requested that Open Source Initiative (OSI) (the standards body that maintains the Open Source Definition and certifies licenses as open source) certify the SSPL as such. The Open Source Initiative (OSI) is the steward of the Open Source Definition. A key cause of the criticism was that it was drafted by a for-profit company (MongoDB). In January 2021, following the re-licensing move by Elastic, OSI released a statement declaring that the SSPL is not open source and that it is a "fauxpen" source license instead. Jan 20, 2021 · The same day, the Open Source Initiative released a short post pointedly entitled “The SSPL Is Not an Open Source License”, attempting to brand Elastic and SSPL “fauxpen source” and generally throwing as many short jabs their way as possible. Jan 27, 2021 · The SSPL was not approved by the Open Source Initiative (OSI) as an open-source license; it was withdrawn from consideration when the response made it clear that it would not be accepted. Is the move the sign of a failed business model, or is a licensing third way inevitable and What is an SSL Certificate? SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and, in short, it's the standard technology for keeping an internet connection secure and safeguarding any sensitive data that is being sent between two systems, preventing criminals from reading and modifying any information transferred, including potential personal details. SSPL is usually chosen to give one vendor a monopoly on their SaaS/DBaaS deployment model, which means reduced choice and higher prices. Just better. It seems the presentation layer of ISO/OSI suites better for TLS/SSL functions. The SSPL as used by MongoDB is a license based on GPL, but not OSI-approved, thus programmes under that license would e. It is an application layer protocol. 240 County Road Ipswich, MA 01938-2723 978-927-5054 (Toll Free) 1-800-632-5227 Fax: 978-921-1350 [email protected] Mar 13, 2019 · Thus, in order to be respectful of the time and efforts of the OSI board and this list’s members, we are hereby withdrawing the SSPL from OSI consideration. SSPL fails to match the criteria that open source licenses, like the previous Apache 2. 0, a license introduced by MongoDB, as our license is to require that enhancements to MongoDB be released to the community. The OSI is the organization that has the power to Server Side Public License. Horowitz detailed plans to further Renato Losio Elastic recently announced licensing changes to Elasticsearch and Kibana, with the company moving away from the Apache 2. However, the license is not compatible with other open ones. If OSI does not approve the SSPL, nothing happens. They explicitly rejected the SSPL as fitting the bill. Source BEAST attack on SSL/TLS explained . Besides implementation problems leading to security issues, there is security inherent to the protocol itself. Jan 20, 2021 · Eliot Horowitz, MongoDB’s CTO and co-founder, argued for this in the Open Source Initiative (OSI) discussion on whether the SSPL was truly an open-source license. ” The license, roughly speaking, is a slight variation over the OSI license MongoDB was already using, AGPL. You’ll also learn why, as an end-user, you probably don’t need to worry too much about TLS vs SSL or whether you’re using an “SSL certificate” or a “TLS certificate”. Software under an OSI-approved license is free to use for anyone for any purpose. Also, does that include configuration too? And for the "is it opensource" part : I would be quite saddened if the OSI decides that Section 9 of the OSD ("License Must Not Restrict Other Software") does not apply because this is not related to "distribution". If you take a common Cisco cert exam, they still use it. MongoDB is proceeding anyhow, reflecting a possibly pivotal moment. Jan 16, 2019 · Eliot Horowitz, MongoDB's CTO and co-founder explained the logic for this in the Open Source Initiative (OSI) discussion on the SSPL: We believe that in today's world, linking has been superseded Instead, I’ll defer to experts like VM Brasseur, who explains the risks of the SSPL. All the TCP/IP model does is simplify the upper 3 layers since this isn't relevant to a router in most cases. . 2, and 3. Users are free to review, modify, and distribute the software or redistribute modifications to the software. Jan 28, 2021 · In this article, you’ll learn the key differences between TLS vs SSL, as well as how both protocols connect to HTTPS. If the SSL/TLS certificate itself is signed by a publicly trusted certificate authority (CA), such as SSL. com, the certificate will be implicitly trusted by client software such as web browsers and operating systems. It resolves an IP address to the MAC address of the Ethernet card. " "I don't think we're going to take the SSPL and resubmit it," says Horowitz. Still no impact to our cloud and on-premises customers . Nov 06, 2020 · As stated in #6, I'm trying to package this library to debian/ubuntu, as this is a new dependency for v2ray. ” Put simply, the debate around MongoDB’s SSPL appears to have led its leadership to reconsider its approach. But as i can understand, it is best suited in Layers 5 and 6 of the ISO/OSI model. The company has been listening Jun 13, 2019 · SSPL’s submission to the Open Source Initiative became a contest to see who could denounce MongoDB, alone or as symbol of venture capital finance generally, from the tallest bully pulpit. The SSPL was premiered by database company MongoDB and is a modification of the AGPL-3. In fact, MongoDB has done OSI SSPL is a source-available license originally created by MongoDB, who set out to craft a license that embodied the ideals of open source, allowing free and unrestricted use, modification, and redistribution, with the simple requirement that if you provide the product as a service to others, you must also publicly release any modifications as well as the source code of your management layers under SSPL. "There are a bunch of modifications that we worked on with the community in the winter, and we're going to take all those and put them into a new draught. It stirred up a lot of industry-wide controversy, and MongoDB eventually withdrew its request for the license to be approved by the Open Source Institute (OSI). Jan 27, 2021 · "We continue to believe that the SSPL complies with the Open Source Definition and the four essential software freedoms. – manbearpig May 8 '18 at 0:48 Dec 11, 2018 · The revision was based on feedback from the OSI license-review mailing list, which highlighted areas in the first version that would benefit from clarification. MongoDB's SSPL was submitted to the Open Source Initiative (OSI), a nonprofit group that maintains the widely referenced Open Source Definition (OSD), in October 2018, under the OSI's license-review process. 0 as demonstrated in this document where the changes are highlighted. We also make our drivers available under the Apache License v2. We think open source is important, which is why we chose to remain open source with the SSPL, as opposed to going proprietary or source-available. " Security []. ” Server Side Public License (SSPL) MongoDB (NASDAQ:MDB) Has Debt But No Earnings; Should You Worry? ARP OSI layer : ARP stands for Address Resolution Protocol. com Mar 19, 2019 · Horowitz wrote on the OSI approval mailing list that “the community consensus required to support OSI approval does not currently appear to exist regarding the copyleft provision of SSPL. ARP is the data link layer protocol in the OSI model. A heavyweight technology, IPsec uses a combination of both hardware and software to mimic the qualities of a computer terminal connected to an organization's local-area network (LAN), allowing access to anything that an internal computer could. Prior to now, the OSI declined to claim SSPL an open-source license. The OSI has clearly stated that SSPL is not an open-source license. not fall under the topic of this community here. What specifically is the difference between the GPL and the SSPL? It does affect most enterprise users as their legal departments typically disallow using software under non-opensource licenses (such as SSPL in OSI sense). May 30, 2019 · A months-long comical debate ensued after SSPL was proposed as an open-source license candidate to OSI, after which OSI made its premeditated opinion official, that SSPL is not an open-source Mar 29, 2019 · MongoDB’s efforts to get OSI endorsement a more business-friendly SSPL have failed. One last thing to note -- Bruce Perens left the OSI in January of 2020 (shortly after the SSPL stuff went down), and said: "We created a tower of babel of licenses. It is important to repeat: there is no impact to any of our Elastic Cloud or self-managed customers. (Both L0-R and SSPL were subjected to heavy criticism on license review but were withdrawn before the OSI could reach a decision on them. ) Jul 16, 2019 · In October 2018, MongoDB changed the license of its core database from AGPL to SSPL. However, based on its reception by the members of this list and the greater open source community, the community consensus required to support OSI approval does not currently appear to exist regarding the copyleft provision of SSPL. The company has been listening to feedback from the community, and has submitted an amended version of the license, which is still under review by the OSI. SSPL, a copyleft license based on GPL, aims to provide many of the freedoms of open source, though it is not an OSI approved license and is not considered open source. In the coming days, MongoDB plans to update its website to make it clear that SSPL has not been approved under the OSI’s definition of “open source. Sep 03, 2019 · Since, SSPL is not OSI-approved, it cannot be included in homebrew-core. 1 or 1. Feb 02, 2021 · SSPL is Bad for End Users If you’re just using software, SSPL is bad for you because it restricts your choices. Nov 29, 2018 · With the submission of SSPL to OSI, MongoDB has put the ball in OSI’s court to either step up and help solve an industry problem, or put their heads back in the sand. The OSI, an independent nonprofit founded in the late 1990s, established the criteria by which we judge which licenses are actually open source. In 2018, MongoDB submitted the license to the Open Source Initiative (OSI) for approval. Transport Layer Security (TLS) is the most widely used protocol for implementing cryptography on the web. Open source database company MongoDB is withdrawing its software license, called Server Side Public License (SSPL), from the approval process of the Open Source Initiative (OSI), an organization that approves licenses as open source. MongoDB explained that it has submitted the license to OSI for approval, and expects it To imagine the SSPL to be ‘Loose’ or ‘Open Supply’ reasons that shadow to be forged throughout all different licenses within the FOSS ecosystem, although none of them lift that possibility. It was originally submitted to the OSI (Open-Source Initiative) for certification as an open-source license, but after criticism that this submission was withdrawn . Feb 01, 2021 · That the Open Source Initiative (OSI) accepts neither license, the body that governs these things, is apparently irrelevant. MongoDB initially submitted the SSPL to OSI for approval as an open source license, but eventually withdrew it when it became evident that the license was not likely to be approved in any form that would serve MongoDB's purpose, mainly because the license attempts to affect non-covered software. It uses various encryption methods to secure data as it moves across networks. I'm not a legal expert but I heared that SSPL induces a lot of legal risks because the wording is vague in a lot of points. Note: In this guide, I’ll mostly be referring to SSL as a catchall term for SSL and TLS, its successor. Since SSPL is not a OSI-approved license, this change essentially meant that MongoDB is now proprietary software. Support for SSPL v2 Greg Luck (Hazelcast) voices support for the SSPL v2. Jan 17, 2019 · The reality, according to both Open Source Initiative (OSI) general manager Patrick Masson and the open source license review summary on the site, is that Mongo DB’s proposed Server Side Public License, Version 2 (SSPL v2) is still actively being discussed and that no final decision has been made. The company withdrew its submission in 2019. Although the SSPL is not OSI approved, it maintains all of the same freedoms the community has always had with MongoDB under AGPL. 10. Jan 03, 2020 · Bruce Perens quits Open Source Initiative amid row over new data-sharing crypto license: 'We've gone the wrong way with licensing' Distributed app platform's proposed agreement 'isn't freedom respecting,' he says Dec 13, 2020 · In a nutshell, the new license, Server Side Public License (SSPL), restricts other companies from providing MongoDB as a cloud service. As the OSI Board of Directors states: “It’s deception, plain and simple, to claim that the software has all the benefits and promises of open source when it does not. The OSI reached their decision and published the results precisely to make consumers and users aware of this fact. ICMP OSI layer: It works as a user of the IP layer. Oct 16, 2018 · Our goal in selecting the Server Side Public License (SSPL) v1. While most files are BS MongoDB originally submitted SSPL to the OSI, but failed to get approved. Feb 11, 2021 · Elastic's licensing changes have reignited the debate about monetising open source in the age of cloud. 4. At least it invokes lengthy legal approval/exception processes. Thus, in order to be respectful of the time and efforts of the OSI board and this list’s members, we are hereby withdrawing the SSPL from OSI consideration. But without OSI approval, many people will be hesitant to use SSPL-covered software. But all of the contributors to the projects have signed a contributor license agreement (CLA) that allows Elastic to relicense the code as it sees fit; it The SSPL is based on the GNU General Public License, but it is a new license introduced by MongoDB, not the Free Software Foundation. Several folks interested in the nuts and bolts of the license fled to private correspondence, in dismay. Quite the same Wikipedia. In the meantime, although the SSPL is not OSI-approved, MongoDB users are free to review, modify and distribute the software or redistribute modifications to the software in compliance with the Is SSPL an OSI-approved open source license? No, SSPL is not an OSI-approved open source license. After a great deal of discussion among the panel of legal, licensing, and open source experts, MongoDB withdrew the SSPL from consideration as an open source license, as it appeared highly unlikely it would be certified as open source. Oct 07, 2019 · Unsurprisingly, Horowitz agrees that the OSI missed the chance to "engage with us. 0 license, meet. TLS uses a combination of cryptographic processes to provide secure communication over a network. The proposed SSPLv2 has additionally stalled out within the OSI. 0. After all the drama around MongoDB’s change of license from the open source Affero General Public License (AGPL) to the hopefully-but-not-yet-open-source Server Side Public License (SSPL), the company has now decided to retire the effort. On the OSI’s license-review mailing list, there had been concerns that the SSPL fails to deliver these necessary freedoms. As of TCP/IP it is application layer. There are competing point of views, i agree. 2 and fully disable SSLv2 and SSLv3 that have protocol weaknesses. OSI approval doesn't confer any special status to the license. The OSI model has not been replaced, or supplanted.